Regional Playoffs

2020 NCBBA-W Post-Season Format

The current format of the NCBBA-W Post-Season was decided upon by the member teams of the NCBBA-W via the NCBBA-W Annual League Meeting.

The 2 Regions which have been split into 2 directional conferences (New England and Mid-Atlantic) will feature each directional conference champion plus each directional conference runner up competing in a 4 team single elimination tournament for the Regional Title.  The 5 Regions that have NOT yet been split into directional conferences (North Atlantic, South Atlantic, Great Lakes, Mid-America, and Pacific) will feature the #1 team in the conference hosting the #2 team in the conference competing in a best of 3 series for the Regional Title.

The 7 Regional Championships will take place during week 22 of the NCBBA-W Season and will be hosted by the directional conference winner that is ranked higher in the Phenom Elite NCBBA-W Top 15 Poll at that time.  The winners of the Regional Championships will automatically earn a spot in the 2020 NCBBA-W National Championship Tournament.

New England Regional Championship

Vermont/Providence + UMass-Lowell/Yale


Vermont Crowned NER Champion as Highest Ranked New England Conference Champion

Dates: March 27-29

North Atlantic Regional Championship

Binghamton @ Cortland


Cortland Crowned NAR Champion as #1  in North Atlantic Conference regular season

Dates: March 27-29

Mid-Atlantic Regional Championship

Drexel/Penn State + Villanova/Towson


Penn State Crowned MAR Champion as Highest Ranked Mid-Atlantic Conference Champion

Dates: March 27-29

South Atlantic Regional Championship

Mercer @ Clemson


Clemson Crowned SAR Champion as #1  in South Atlantic Conference regular season

Dates: March 27-29

Great Lakes Regional Championship

Grand Valley State @ Ohio State


Ohio State Crowned GLR Champion as #1  in Great Lakes Conference regular season

Dates: March 27-29

Mid America Regional Championship

Purdue @ SIUe


SIUe Crowned MIDAM Regional Champion as #1  in Mid America Conference regular season

Dates: March 27-29

Pacific Regional Championship

Chico State @ Stanford


Stanford Crowned Pacific Regional Champion as #1  in Pacific Conference regular season

Dates: March 27-29

NCBBA-W National Championship Tournament At-Large Bid

With 7 teams automatically qualifying for the 2020 NCBBA-W National Championship Tournament, the final team of the field of 8 will be selected as an At-Large Bid by the NCBBA.  Any team selected to receive an At-Large Bid is chosen at the NCBBA’s discretion.  Factors taken into account by the NCBBA when selecting an At-Large Bid consist of but are not limited to:

-Did the team finish in at least 2nd place in their conference?

-How did the team perform against their conference or regional champion?

-Is the team on probation?

-Has the team forfeited any games?

Any questions on the format of the NCBBA-W post-season should be directed to the Director of Women’s Basketball Operations Alec Verhoff @ 412-321-8440 ext. 112 or [email protected]